Massage therapy

Effects of massage

* Pure and simple pain relief
* Normalization of muscle tone
* Improvement of breathing mechanics
* Enhancement of digestive transit
* Improved circulation and venous return
* Increased quality of sleep or positive impact on mood 
* Confidence and perceived self-efficacy

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A soothing treatment to let yourself drift away from the stresses of life. A lighter touch than a therapeutic/deep tissue massage, this technique is meant to provide the receiver with a general sense of well being & rejuvenation. This type of massage allows the mind to unwind and relax, facilitating a deep state of relaxation conducive to acceleration of the body’s healing processes.
60 MIN $75
30 MIN $40

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue is a smart choice of massage for those engaged in sportive training, who have accumulated stress tensions, post injury recovery facilitation needs and more. Deep Tissue Massage breaks up and releases accumulated toxins via the loosening of muscle tissue. With said toxins released, blood and oxygen can circulate properly through one’s body, greatly improving healing potential.
60 MIN $85
30 MIN $45